Vibration Apps

Many women asks me about the buzz for vibration apps.

So I tried those vibration apps myself, And here is my impression:

There are several apps “especially for women”, like “women feelings”

vibration app

“Vibrator secret for women”.

vibration app, “secret for women”

Well, how can women enjoy orgasm just with a phone and software?

I reviewed bunch of smart apps and teledildonics like lush for womenmax & Nora for couples, even hush for gays you can read all about them here.

Its really unclear to me, first of all its not hygienic, to place your phone which is  a magnet for bacteria and other ugly germs to put on your clitoris (or penis, yes some guys tried it)

You cant control the app when its placed on you, so you need to get it out reset it and continue.

What about any visual stimulation?, you really can’t concentrate on that, if you are busy in settings the phone,

You just cant interact with your partner in that way!

Sure there are many vibrations types, or levels, but at the end of it, its useless, sound to me like some kind of developers riding the buzz, trying to make money out of useless apps

to my opinion dont waste your time on vibration apps.

Did you found out a great working vibration app you could recommend?

im dying to hear…

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