lovense osci Review

lovense osci

this post is about finding your Gspot and stimulate with lovense osci, with unique g spot stimulation

first of all make a little experiment with your self to see if you are the lucky women who can find her Gspot and stimulate it to orgasm.

the Gspot located just underneath  your urethra , and its easier to find it when you are aroused , so get yourself aroused until you are wet (than the Gspot swells) insert oily finger and try to feel different texture of the dermis, when you press on it you’ll need to feel you want to pee (don’t worry, you wont pee) if you reached that step than you are lucky , go ahead and buy the lovense osci.

if you feel pain instead of a need to pee, or that you couldn’t find it, keep trying…

About the lovense osci itself.

first it has very nice pink design with convenient buttons right on its head, which is under the pink silicone.

it shapes in a perfect curve to handle when you need to “find” the Gspot it means its really shaped for helping you to find the Gspot.

osci lovense gspot stimulator

the vibration comes from a small spot at the tip of the device designed to press up on the Gspot

it has a USB charger that charge the the osci to full in 90 minutes and its good for 300 minutes of use.

the device is splash proof of course , and can be programmable with personalized patterns, it also can syncs to music and vibrates at the right rhythm.

My experience with the lovense osci.

when i first tried it i started with low vibration , just to “check the water” after i gain confidence, i tried to increased it a bit while stimulating my clitoris on the other hand, it took my something like 10 minutes just to feel confidence and i could relaxed completely, at the end of the 30 minutes i came so hard that i felt i almost want to faint!  it was amazing and at the same time frightening !

the osci was wet but still working with full power, i laid down on the bed for another 10 minutes, and than i felt so relaxed, it was absolutely amazing! (-:

i had to  recommend it from the bottom of my heart after you did the first part of the Gspot test!

the lovense osci comes with one year warranty from a very respectful company. (lovense) For 99$

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