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  2. Ivy Big Vibrator
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INNA Wave By Lelo

INNA Wave 2 By Lelo – Review.

So I tried this silicone rabbit vibrator, (its the 2nd generation of the Ina wave, and that why Lelo called it Ina wave 2) and here is my impressions from it

first : its not a BT Or App Controlled , its  just a simple to use vibrator that focuses on intimate pleasure.

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Masturbation Effects for Girls

So , i get a lot of questions about

Masturbation side/Effects for Girls.

also i wrote a nice article which you may find useful here

in this post i would like to expend the subject into more aspects of side effects :

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lovense lush


so first ill cover lovense lush

The  lovense lush  is fairly small vibrator that sync with your phone (by Bluetooth), tablet, PC (android/iPhone) with an application you are downloading from Lovense site. I received it in pink, and after a short charge (the charger is USB to an earphone plug) start “playing” with it.

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Girls Caught Masturbating part 2


You Asked , I uploaded 4 U

Girls Caught Masturbating part 2

Naked Girl Watches porn on laptop and wacking off

Heather 19 yo wacking off Like Crazy to porn in the living room.

Watches Porn in the tv, in the living room, and wacking off on sofa.

Close Up On Girl wacking off To Porn

Pink Underwear Girl Masturbating On wacking off cock on the laptop.

wacking off On A Chair With Huge Rabbit Vibrator while watching porn

Watches Porn On laptop On Bed and masturbating like crazy.

Jerking Off In Bathroom And almost Destroying the Sink Amazing!

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Lovense Hush.

Lovense Hush.

So, We promised to check out the new Butt Plug And lovense 4th product Hush.

i gave the “Hush” to Gay Couple And here is their review:

“we like the product box and design” , “it was fun to sync it to music”, “very reliable connection”.

the couple also impressed of the hush “stays put” during use, the product design like a screw , it has spirals on the neck of it, so you can just spin it for removal and insertion, also the base design is “safe”, it means that you wont “lose it inside”.

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Max And Nora By Lovense

Max And Nora By Lovense

My kink for vibrators just been increased lately, I lay my hands on 2 vibrators of Lovense, Max & Nora.

vibrators is not the right definition for this products, if there is a “smart vibrator” – or “futuristic vibrator” this is the closest as it gets , the company has also vibrator for man penis and another butt plug for gay (or other).

I tested the lush product and the Nora, a friend of mine tested the max (see down) and we had a very nice experience (and funny)

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Masturbation Tips – Women Health

Masturbation Tips – Women Health

Masturbation tips – psychological effects

I get a lot of comments asking me about psychological effects and side effects of masturbation.
So this post is for the ladies who are not naughty, and needs to be…

1. – After Cumming, you feel ashamed, and your energy is low.

tired girl after masturbation

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