Lovense Edge Review


Lovense Edge

The Lovense edge is a prostate Massager from Lovense Sextech company.

first of all , i want to be honest, i haven’t tried The Edge my self, because i don’t have prostate (-: im a girl

i gave it to my gay friend, and i will write later about his experience with it.

so first lets start with the technical stuff:

the edge is a fairly small device made out of that nice soft material lovense use in all of their products : the edge is customizable , so you can play with the angles of the 2 parts which is a stand alone (you can fully optimize all the combinations of the app for both sections)

1. prostate section : well you know what im talking about…

2. perineum section (the area between the anus and the scrotum or vulva.)

the upper part used for the prostate!

my friend really enjoyed that 2 sections, he said the variety of the combination excited him, when he played with the Bluetooth app.

also if you are not an app fan , you can just use the button located on the bottom of the device and can switch between different vibration strength. (my gay friend told me that he liked the fact they kept the device simple to use) i also think its great.

Pros :

  • Powerful vibration
  • Soft but strong material that don’t break easily.
  • 2 sections vibrator.
  • Waterproof.
  • Quiet/Discreet.
  • Has Bluetooth & Internet Connection.

cons :

  • the only thing my friend mentioned is that he would have like to separate the two sections, and to use only the prostate massager , but for that there’s the hush.

so overall its seems like he enjoyed the edge very much (-:

and also if you are a straight man you can use it.

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