lovense Ambi

Lovense Ambi

lovense ambi is a bullet vibrator, & it’s a brand new product from sextech company lovense.

By the term bullet vibrator, it means it is shaped like a bullet and its very small & compact, even though the lovense Ambi shaped like a “bullet mutation” we can still forgive lovense for the term “bullet”, & that by the multiple curves in the Ambi body that makes him versatile to use on clit, as well as other parts, you can use it as a foreplay to sex or during the sex, as a pinpoint stimulation, super pinpoint stimulation, or broad stimulation.

lovense ambi

The lovense Ambi is very comfortable to hold and operate, through one button near the charging buttons, it doesn’t slip, fall out of the hand , and it has nice silicone touch.

Although I was quite amazed about the strong vibration for such a small device, & at the same time he was quite silent, so I guess lovense tried hard this time to make a device that is so small but yet so powerful.

Of course the device is Bluetooth compatiable & app controlled like all lovense products. It has 3 levels of vibration and 10 patterns, it has also adaptability to outside noises in the app.

Ambi main features :

·         Adjustable levels

·         Waterproof

·         Easy to hold

·         Use multiple positions

·         Powerful

·         Full charge 60 minutes that lets you 125 minutes of play.

The only downside I found is that the charger pins is quite loose, you need to be very gentle when you plug it .

ambi lovense

So what do you think of Lovense Ambi?

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