Multiple orgasms 4 woman

Multiple orgasms 4 woman

We all heard about it, and got jealous of a multiple orgasm woman, & many of you asks me if I have tips to, reach “multiple orgasms 4 woman”

And yes I have, here they are.

1. Lose control – this rule applies to even single orgasm, you have to feel lose, if you are bothered by all kinds of staff it’s not that easy to just relax, but it is necessary you can reach orgasm.

Multiple orgasms 4 woman


2. Experienced orgasm? – Great! don’t just lie there, remember that women don’t need to rest before Cumming again, so take yourself a minute and continue in what you are doing, if its masturbating, or with your partner (just ask him to hold back as much as he can before he cum).


3. Be creative   in continuing to reach 2nd or 3rd orgasm…you can reach orgasm when you are on top of him with penetration and clit rubbing, check with your partner if its ok to keep on rubbing on his body (because the man penis becomes very sensitive after Cumming) in most of the times he will ask you a few seconds to recover but after that he won’t be mind, so that you can enjoy yourself by rubbing the clit, and also for the physical closeness to his body.


4. Your partner just came? Just lie around him and continue rubbing yourself , you need to feel free to do it, in front of him, you can even ask him to touch you in places that arouses you and to let him be  part of your next orgasm.


5. Props, Tongue, fingers– ask your partner to continue pleasuring you after he came (most of the time it’s not that obvious) but if not let him finger you , or give you oral sex, if not get your self vibrator or dildo (see here for full reviews of vibrators)

multi orgasm 4 women


6. Begin with a series of – multiple orgasm for woman (masturbation, oral sex, your/his fingers, vibrator, rubbing your clit on his body) so that when he penetrates you it will become part of your series of orgasms, even if he cum after a few minutes).


7. Not by force – if you feel you can’t reach 2nd orgasm or 3rd just stop and relax, you can’t achieve anything by force. the key is practice, the more you practice the  better are the  chances to become multi orgasmic, remember there is always the next time, you need to enjoy the process.

So that was 7 tips of, multiple orgasms 4 woman .

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