Masturbation Tips – Women Health

Masturbation Tips – Women Health

Masturbation tips – psychological effects

I get a lot of comments asking me about psychological effects and side effects of masturbation.
So this post is for the ladies who are not naughty, and needs to be…

1. – After Cumming, you feel ashamed, and your energy is low.

tired girl after masturbation

Let’s break it in 2 – physic, and psychic
Physic – after Cumming, the brain releases pleasure hormones, which makes you relaxed. Because of that you feel “tired mentally”. you struggled to cum and now you don’t need to anymore…
Psychic – in our society, women masturbation is not something you talk about, in many conservative countries it’s a taboo to talk about masturbation. in that case you feel ashamed because your Self-Esteem drops down when you think that if you need to masturbate instead of doing sex, no one desires you, or attracted to you, it’s a complete nonsense!
masturbation is most common between women, it just that there is no legitimacy and awareness in the society, as a result all the researches about masturbation compared man to woman shows ridiculous percentage of woman masturbation versus man masturbation the reason is that man are more honest about their masturbation habits, than woman is because the society is more open to it.

2. Are there any side effects to masturbation?

woman maturbating

Only if you over exaggerate – if you feel that masturbation taking too much of your time, and because of that you don’t do other staff that you want, you need counseling ,because this is clearly an addiction,
Also – if you are using vibrators, dildos and other.. make sure to use lube, sometimes it takes time to get your natural juices to come out, and the lube is protecting your vagina from dangerous friction, also if you are using sharp or inappropriate objects, you can get yourself to bleed, doctors in hospital needed to pull hooks , pencils, and many embarrassing stuff from women’s vagina it’s a fact, also condoms is a great way to keep your objects sterilized, and especially if you use anal, and vaginal you can always replace the condom.

3. Yes it’s ok to masturbate when you use vibrator or finger anal.

woman anal masturbation

The same rules I mentioned in paragraph 2 (lube, condoms etc)
There are many nerves in our anus and sometimes woman like to touch it or penetrate it (many man also) it’s perfectly fine to stimulate anal.
So go ahead, be naughty, and write me your comments.

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