Masturbation Effects for Girls

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Masturbation side/Effects for Girls.

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in this post i would like to expend the subject into more aspects of side effects :

  1. teen girls might learn wrong and unnatural information regarding sex, when they looking at porn for a visual stimulation, most of the porn is unnatural , it shows the man dominating the woman and use her for an sexual object, also there are many fetish movies which shows the complete opposite of women dominating man, it could effect the early perception of girls about sex , she can be addicted to porn and masturbation , before getting to know the real side of sex with a partner, she might even not be able to reach orgasm if “its not like in the movies”
  2. ┬ásecond side effect of masturbation for girls, since the vagina is the entrance for the whole stomach , it could get infected very easily if you don’t keep on sterile environment and hygienic .
  3.  masturbation for girls is actually a great way to relax, and to learn your body, what pleases you , and whats not. so girls now when you aware of the side effects of masturbation, go ahead enjoy and remember to be naughty.

im refering you also to wiki for masturbation woman

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