lovense lush

so first ill cover lovense lush

The  lovense lush  is fairly small vibrator that sync with your phone (by Bluetooth), tablet, PC (android/iPhone) with an application you are downloading from Lovense site. I received it in pink, and after a short charge (the charger is USB to an earphone plug) start “playing” with it.

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Well I’ll be naughty, and I will tell you that it was “on me” when I was on the train, and no one noticed anything!!! , I sat with my phone and immediately hypnotized by this small thing.

it has short to long poses, waves, sync’s with songs beat, and that’s not all, you can switch your microphone on and it will vibrates according to the noise you make!

Actually I found this option quite boring, since railroad and other non-sexy sounds doesn’t arouses me, but if you have a creative mind I’m sure you’ll find a purpose for this option.  But the control over the poses and waves was amazing, and the device reacted very well to it without any delays or other interruptions.

The unique thing about the lovense lush that you can use it outdoors without anyone arrest you for masturbation in public (-: , it’s also waterproof, and the button that use for “on” and “off” is covered in built in sleeve that covers the whole device.

You Can Buy It Here.

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