Lovense Hush.

Lovense Hush.

So, We promised to check out the new Butt Plug And lovense 4th product Hush.

i gave the “Hush” to Gay Couple And here is their review:

“we like the product box and design” , “it was fun to sync it to music”, “very reliable connection”.

the couple also impressed of the hush “stays put” during use, the product design like a screw , it has spirals on the neck of it, so you can just spin it for removal and insertion, also the base design is “safe”, it means that you wont “lose it inside”.

the hush is made of 100% silicone. which is absolutely no rubber, or latex.

 Hush 1.5 Butt Plug

Hush 1.5 Butt Plug

the hush comes at 2 sizes :

  1. small – 38 mm, 1.5 inches.
  2. medium – 44.5 mm, 1.75 inches.

for now its 109$ for both sizes.

our guys tested the small sized hush, it is also waterproof, the battery of the hush lasts 1.5 with extensive use. the charger is very similar to PL socket of earphones, so forget about your android charger.

it also has endless speeds and connection to Bluetooth and internet through the cellphone, so that means full control from your partner at long distance enjoyment. it is fairly quiet to use in public places, and can be enjoyable to straight couples who like anal plug.

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