INNA Wave By Lelo

INNA Wave 2 By Lelo – Review.

So I tried this silicone rabbit vibrator, (its the 2nd generation of the Ina wave, and that why Lelo called it Ina wave 2) and here is my impressions from it

first : its not a BT Or App Controlled , its  just a simple to use vibrator that focuses on intimate pleasure.

the design stays basically the same (like Ina wave 1), and it mimics the wave movements plus fingers movements, the manufacturer also made the handle where the buttons is from 100 % Silicone, its very pleasant to to hold it and to use

inna wave 2 by lelo, masturbation tips 4 women

when i used it , the clit stimulation and the vagina was  really synchronized, and i experienced the “double pleasure” effect that lelo promising, and that is because i used a special technique because,  i’m a skinny person .

  1. just grab it with my finger and “neutralize” it i played with movements and the vibration intensity till i found really good one and then i enjoyed every minute of it…

2. then i used just the clit stimulation holding the device downwards and then i could locate it exactly on my clit when the vaginal part was sliding a bit in my vagina  and it was amazing too…

so i guess you don’t needs to be such a nerd just play with it and find your climax position …

about the other technical staff so :

  • rechargeable.
  • saved memory positions.
  • many pulses and movements combinations.
  • waterproof.
  • made of 100% silicone.

regarding the G Spot stimulation, just a gimmick!


to summarize it. if you are more into feeling and big orgasms. the ina  wave 2 buy lelo is for you. buy it!

inna wave 2 by lelo

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