Anal Pleasure

Anal Pleasure

Many women interested in that subject so I decided to write a post about anal pleasure.

Why Anal?

 pros and cons:
  1. It can be very pleasurable
  2. The anus has high orgasmic potential
  3. Psychologically, anal stimulation can lead to big arousal & excitement “he/she is actually in my butt…”
  1. It’s dirty
  2. It’s an exit only
  3. It’s painful
  4. It’s perverted

So first of all, anal sex & the ability to enjoy it, is totally differ from one woman to another, some woman enjoy it very much, while another is suffer pain, and don’t like it all.

The anus has concentrated nerve endings, which is very similar to the vaginal walls, but the anal canals are much thinner & vulnerable than the vaginal walls, that’s where patience and communication take part in the enjoyment, sex foreplay (oral stimulation first, inserting finger patiently can expand the muscle and the inner walls, gentle taps on the center of the butt chicks…)

butt girls

Lubrication is very important!

Many women say that double penetration can lead to massive orgasms, because of using all the nerves in the lower body, and the best way for starters is to start by testing it alone (2 vibrators, vibrator+ finger)

Very important rule: never use vibrator, finger, etc… From anus to vagina!!!

it can cause infections very easy, use condom on vibrator, finger, penis etc…

Take into consideration that if you tried once and felt pain, it can differ with the experience, don’t disqualify anal sex based on 2-3 first times!

Don’t use sharp objects; it can damage the tissues which are very delicate.

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Don’t forget to enjoy, and write comments below.






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