Anal Pleasure

Anal Pleasure

Many women interested in that subject so I decided to write a post about anal pleasure.

Why Anal?
 pros and cons:
  1. It can be very pleasurable
  2. The anus has high orgasmic potential
  3. Psychologically, anal stimulation can lead to big arousal & excitement “he/she is actually in my butt…”
  1. It’s dirty
  2. It’s an exit only
  3. It’s painful
  4. It’s perverted

So first of all, anal sex & the ability to enjoy it, is totally differ from one woman to another, some woman enjoy it very much, while another is suffer pain, and don’t like it all.

The anus has concentrated nerve endings, which is very similar to the vaginal walls, but the anal canals are much thinner & vulnerable than the vaginal walls, that’s where patience and communication take part in the enjoyment, sex foreplay (oral stimulation first, inserting finger patiently can expand the muscle and the inner walls, gentle taps on the center of the butt chicks…)

butt girls

Lubrication is very important!

Many women say that double penetration can lead to massive orgasms, because of using all the nerves in the lower body, and the best way for starters is to start by testing it alone (2 vibrators, vibrator+ finger)

Very important rule: never use vibrator, finger, etc… From anus to vagina!!!

it can cause infections very easy, use condom on vibrator, finger, penis etc…

Take into consideration that if you tried once and felt pain, it can differ with the experience, don’t disqualify anal sex based on 2-3 first times!

Don’t use sharp objects; it can damage the tissues which are very delicate.

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Don’t forget to enjoy, and write comments below.






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Masturbation Effects for Girls

So , i get a lot of questions about

Masturbation side/Effects for Girls.

also i wrote a nice article which you may find useful here

in this post i would like to expend the subject into more aspects of side effects :

  1. teen girls might learn wrong and unnatural information regarding sex, when they looking at porn for a visual stimulation, most of the porn is unnatural , it shows the man dominating the woman and use her for an sexual object, also there are many fetish movies which shows the complete opposite of women dominating man, it could effect the early perception of girls about sex , she can be addicted to porn and masturbation , before getting to know the real side of sex with a partner, she might even not be able to reach orgasm if “its not like in the movies”
  2.  second side effect of masturbation for girls, since the vagina is the entrance for the whole stomach , it could get infected very easily if you don’t keep on sterile environment and hygienic .
  3.  masturbation for girls is actually a great way to relax, and to learn your body, what pleases you , and whats not. so girls now when you aware of the side effects of masturbation, go ahead enjoy and remember to be naughty.

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Girls Caught Masturbating part 2

You Asked , I uploaded 4 U

Girls Caught Masturbating part 2

Naked Girl Watches porn on laptop and wacking off

Heather 19 yo wacking off Like Crazy to porn in the living room.

Watches Porn in the tv, in the living room, and wacking off on sofa.

Close Up On Girl wacking off To Porn

Pink Underwear Girl Masturbating On wacking off cock on the laptop.

wacking off On A Chair With Huge Rabbit Vibrator while watching porn

Watches Porn On laptop On Bed and masturbating like crazy.

Jerking Off In Bathroom And almost Destroying the Sink Amazing!

Back to Part 1

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Masturbation Tips – Women Health

Masturbation tips – psychological effects

I get a lot of comments asking me about psychological effects and side effects of masturbation.
So this post is for the ladies who are not naughty, and needs to be…

1. – After Cumming, you feel ashamed, and your energy is low.

tired girl after masturbation

Let’s break it in 2 – physic, and psychic
Physic – after Cumming, the brain releases pleasure hormones, which makes you relaxed. Because of that you feel “tired mentally”. you struggled to cum and now you don’t need to anymore…
Psychic – in our society, women masturbation is not something you talk about, in many conservative countries it’s a taboo to talk about masturbation. in that case you feel ashamed because your Self-Esteem drops down when you think that if you need to masturbate instead of doing sex, no one desires you, or attracted to you, it’s a complete nonsense!
masturbation is most common between women, it just that there is no legitimacy and awareness in the society, as a result all the researches about masturbation compared man to woman shows ridiculous percentage of woman masturbation versus man masturbation the reason is that man are more honest about their masturbation habits, than woman is because the society is more open to it.

2. Are there any side effects to masturbation?

woman maturbating

Only if you over exaggerate – if you feel that masturbation taking too much of your time, and because of that you don’t do other staff that you want, you need counseling ,because this is clearly an addiction,
Also – if you are using vibrators, dildos and other.. make sure to use lube, sometimes it takes time to get your natural juices to come out, and the lube is protecting your vagina from dangerous friction, also if you are using sharp or inappropriate objects, you can get yourself to bleed, doctors in hospital needed to pull hooks , pencils, and many embarrassing stuff from women’s vagina it’s a fact, also condoms is a great way to keep your objects sterilized, and especially if you use anal, and vaginal you can always replace the condom.

3. Yes it’s ok to masturbate when you use vibrator or finger anal.

woman anal masturbation

The same rules I mentioned in paragraph 2 (lube, condoms etc)
There are many nerves in our anus and sometimes woman like to touch it or penetrate it (many man also) it’s perfectly fine to stimulate anal.
So go ahead, be naughty, and write me your comments.

Here Is Part 2 Of This Article – Side effects of masturbation for girls

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Wiki Masturbation women


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small preview from you tube, another post will be published soon

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Girls Caught Masturbating Videos


This girl Caught wacking off With a pink vibrator


That young blondie was kind of horny but suspicious


that girl took it with humor


masturbating at the beach



caught wacking off with her desktop


Part 2

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7 Naughty Masturbation Techniques for better orgasm

  1. Use one finger in butt before you feel the urge to cum, it will make your orgasm much more powerful.

red butt

2. Aside from your clitoris, there’s another magical place in your vagina that can give you intense orgasms. This is your G-spot. It is also another sensitive tissue that gets engorged when you’re aroused. However, it may be trickier to find because it is located inside your vagina, on the front wall. You can stimulate it by inserting your finger(s) and making a ‘come hither’ motion and gently rubbing it. You can experiment with the sensations that you make with your fingers by rubbing and massaging it in different directions and applying different pressures to know which you like the most.

g spot

3. The Classic technique is simple as you just need to use your four fingers to rub back and forth or side to side against your clit and the rest of your outer vagina.

4 fingers masturbation
4 fingers masturbation

4. U-Spot, meanwhile, allows you to stimulate your clit and the inverted u-shape portion around it, and just above your urethral opening, using your finger.


5. The Featherlite is another technique that is best for those who have overly sensitive clits where direct and hard pressure can become painful. This technique applies the lightest pressure on the very edge of the clit using your finger

feather technique

6. Of course, fingering is another great way to get off, in which you penetrate yourself using your fingers. You can do this using your own natural juices or by using lubes. And don’t forget your G-spot!


7. Most of the woman like to masturbate when they feel sexually humiliated, there are plenty of porn , search for “maledom” and see if it do something to you. If you are a lesbian search for “femdom”.

male dom

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Masturbation Tips 4 Women In Public

Masturbation Tips 4 Women  In Public

Post 1 – masturbation in public without getting caught.

this is a naughty post!

we have the option to masturbate without exposing our genitals in public, think about it…

if a guy caught jerking off in public he could go to jail..

But for us – nobody has evidence we are Wacking off

1st technique

(Very common in Sweden)

Seat in a public place tighten your legs together , and start shaking the leading foot in a rhythmic movements .


Soon you will climax,

2nd technique

Buy a silicone Chinese balls, it will forces you to tighten your vagina muscles, so they wont get out…if youll skilled enough youll come to climax when standing, seating etc…


3rd technique

Handbag with a hole

Use an old one …carry a vibrator inside and use a hole in the buttom of your bag, now all you need to do is to place your bag between your legs open your zipper through the hole and place the vibrator inside of you, turn it on or off (depend the loudness of the environment you are in) and start play .


4th technique

Buy a baby doll to stimulate your nipple

You are sitting in a public place where you can Breastfeed. why not use the situation?

Buy a baby doll and play with your nipples with him, one hand on the baby and the other in your pants ,use the handbag in the previous technique massaging your clitoris, vagina, feel free  nobody will suspect you, after all you are a caring mother!



5th technique

In the summer you could go to the beach, and masturbate inside the water, its fun!


6th technique visual stimulation

Use a innocent book cover , and put between the pages erotic pictures.

you can use it with 1-3 techniques.


7th technique – use an erotic podcast in your smartphone to listen in earphones you can use it with 1-4 techniques


If you like or have more ideas please comment

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